RDI: Relationship Development Intervention

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What is RDI?

RDI: Relationship Development Intervention

RDI or Relationship Development Intervention is like Greenspan's floortime in that it focuses on emotional development rather than taking a behavioral approach. This approach is unique in that it is an entire program rather than a component to other treatments for autism unless the child is nonverbal. Relationship Development Intervention was developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein. The focus of RDI is to create a systematic approach to social interaction and relationship development. The development of social and emotional attachment is strongly tied to the student's communication and cognitive development as well. The fundamental basis for RDI is Experience Sharing, a model developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein. Dr. Gutstein considers normal emotional development as well as the special circumstances and obstacles individuals within the autism spectrum of disorders face. A parent can engage the child in a game of peek-a-boo. This game is ideal because it encourages the child to reference the adult's face.



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