Negative Behavior

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How can families deal with negative behavior in the home?

Negative Behavior

Negative behavior comes in many forms for many reasons. Finding the reason behind the behavior will help but playing a guessing game while the child is having a tantrum does little good for anyone involved. Quickly redirecting negative behavior can be an effective way to smother the behavior in the home environment. Redirection simply involves moving the child's attention in a completely different direction. There is no argument or mention of the negative behavior. the focus is on the new activity. Planned ignoring is a method that sends a powerful message to the individual with autism. There will be no feedback provided for negative behavior. This approach needs to be used consistently to be effective and the negative behavior may not disappear right away but it will in time. Some negative behavior can not be redirected or ignored. These are non-negotiable and include any behavior that will cause injury to self or others or damage property. Many families devise a reward system that uses tokens or stickers to help the autistic individual recognize positive and negative behaviors. Removing a token or taking away a preferred play activity from the schedule are consequences for non-negotiable behaviors. Some negative behaviors are too violent to be ignored and most consequences do little to stop the behavior. Sometimes crisis interventions need to be used.



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