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What are some strategies to encourage compliant behavior at home?


Compliance in the home environment is an issue that many families with an autistic member face. Non-compliant behavior can be very challenging and it may escalate into negative behavior and tantrums. There are some strategies that encourage compliant behavior.

  • A child may not follow through with directions simply because he has not processed the command. If a directive has too many words and is complicated the individual with autism is unable to process the information. He is unable to follow a direction that he has not processed.

  • A spoken directive should contain as few words as possible. This will make processing the command much easier for the autistic individual. Using concise directions may feel a little strange or even rude at first but they are quite kind to the person with autism.

  • Visual aids are extremely helpful in gaining compliant behavior. Using PECS as a means of giving directions is a great way to make the command visual. Gestures and sign language can be effective as well.

  • The compliant behavior will most likely be repeated if it is rewarded. Using praise, treats or a preferred activity to reinforce the compliant behavior is a wonderful approach to encourage future compliance when the command is given again.



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