Social Stories

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How are social stories used to prepare for a community setting?

Social Stories

One of the most valuable tools that can be used to prepare for stressful or unfamiliar situations is social stories developed by Carol Gray. These stories are effective in helping the individual with autism learn about what to expect in a situation--not just what will happen, but what is expected of them, too. The person with autism uses a script to help him anticipate the events that are about to occur. This is a valuable way to ease stress in unfamiliar surroundings. The social stories are also useful in helping the individual with autism understand what others around him might be thinking and feeling. The social stories serve as a guide that helps the individual with autism rehearse what to say and what actions to take in the community setting. The focus of the stories is on the various "Wh" questions that are so baffling to individuals on the autism spectrum: who, what, where, and when. The stories detail where and when the community outing will take place. They describe who will be there and what activities will occur, and what behaviors are appropriate. Stories can be adapted to suit everyone's needs, regardless of where a person may fall on the spectrum.



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