Funding Autism

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How is funding from foundations distributed?

Funding Autism

Funds for autism are typically disbursed into four major categories. Research includes but is not limited to genetic, biomedical and environmental approaches. Support funds for autism focus on treatment and family needs. Educational funds help raise autism awareness and distributes up-to-date information to families and professionals. Reform funds focus on necessary changes that need to be made in the treatment, education and care of individuals who have autism. Research into the cause and treatment of pervasive developmental disorders is one of the most important areas of funding. Finding clues as to the cause and nature of autism will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of how to treat the developmental disorder. Research includes developing medications as well as determining a biological or environmental cause for autism. Many people are dedicated to supporting current autism treatments available right now including the care and education of the individual who has the disorder. Sometimes reform is necessary as well. Some organizations are interested in updating interventions and supplying therapists and families with necessary equipment used in autism treatments. Educating families touched by autism on the possible causes, treatments available as well as alternative approaches to treating autism. Some of the funds acquired by foundations dedicated to autism is geared toward educating families and professionals while some of the funds are used to educate the general public about the developmental disorder as well.



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this information is very pertinent and informative. Thanks for giving it in easy to understand language.


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