Siblings with Autism

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How can I manage a sibling relationship when one has autism?

Siblings with Autism

Having a sibling can be complicated; they can be your best friend or your arch nemesis, or a combination of both. Having a sibling with autism can be doubly complicated - suddenly there are new challenges to navigate and questions to answer.

As a parent, it's important to remember that the neurotypical child should never feel responsible for the treatment, intervention, or care of a sibling with autism. They should also feel like their day, plans, and events are just as important. Time with each child, neurotypical or not, should be priority - this can feel chaotic, and at times impossible, but it will help the relationships of everyone in the family. It's also important to try to schedule time for everyone together - while a neurotypical child might not have anything in common with his brother or sister with autism, they should still spend time with their whole family as a group, so that all siblings are reminded that, autism or not, their relationship as siblings doesn't change.



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