When Bad Behavior is Good

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Is negative behavior ever a promising occurance?

When Bad Behavior is Good

Not all bad behavior is really bad. In fact, sometimes negative behavior is a wonderful sign that the individual is becoming aware of his surroundings. The negative behavior is also a form of communication as well. There is a distinction that has to be made between being compliant and being complacent. Many individuals, especially ones who have spent considerable time completing discrete trial drills, merely go through the motions. They are not actively involved with their environments. They have simply been trained to make certain responses to certain cues. When a complacent individual begins to protest and whine when given directions it indicates that he is trying to communicate. He is also developing an awareness that his behavior can have an impact on his environment. While it isn't wise to encourage non-compliant behaviors, it is promising to see an individual in the autism spectrum move from complacent behavior to protesting. The individual may be given choices if he demonstrates that he sincerely does not want to complete a task.



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