Echolalia as Communication

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When is echolalia used as communication?

Echolalia as Communication

There are instances that echolalia is used as a form of communication. In these situations, the individual knows that he should say something. He just doesn't know what he is supposed to say. An example is when an individual says, "And today's specials are..." he might be trying to communicate that he is hungry. The individual with autism knows that words are appropriate, he just doesn't know which ones to choose. Echolalia may also be used to communicate feelings. The individual with autism may not know how to express a particular emotion. For example, he may say, "Oh, no. Not again!" when he is trying to communicate that he doesn't want to complete a task. When an individual uses echolalia in an attempt to communicate he should be recognized and rewarded. As he becomes used to using words to make request, protest, or reciprocate conversation the therapist or parents can prompt him to use the proper words.



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