The Son Rise Program

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What is the Son Rise Program?

The Son Rise Program

One program has been developed that focus on self stimulatory behaviors and motivation. The Son Rise Program was developed by parents of an autistic boy. Barry and Samahria Kaufmann developed a home-based, child-centered program that uses the child's interests as a way of connecting with others. Rather than discouraging the child from engaging in self stimulatory behaviors, the Son Rise Program embraces them as the central part of the child's therapy. With this approach, the individual who is working with the child imitates the child's self stimulatory behaviors. If the child shifts his weight from one foot to the other while staring at a line of blocks, the therapist does as well. The theory behind this approach is that the therapist and parents enter the child's world in an effort to pull him out. The goal of the Son Rise Program is to encourage interaction by using the child's interests and likes. The hope of making a significant connection that facilitates communication, awareness and understanding is a big part of the program. Once the connection is made the child will reciprocate and interact better.



6/17/2009 5:44:20 PM
Mel said:

I love this program. I volunteer with 6 children, 5 of whom do Son-Rise and they're the most amazing kids ever and one of them has very nearly fully recovered from autism :)

If anyone wants to know more, check out their website! It's awesome


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