Sensory Integration Activities

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How are sensory integration activities used?

Sensory Integration Activities

Sensory integration activities are very valuable in that they can be used as a motivational tool. They can encourage communication and they help the individual calm and organize his behavior. Sensory integration activities can also be used to increase attention and time on task. Choosing which activities to implement depends on the specific needs of the individual. These needs can be identified through self stimulatory behaviors that are exhibited. Rocking is a common stereotyped repetitive movement that serves to address visual and vestibular sensory systems. This behavior can be replaced with activities like swinging on a swing or alternating sit-ups with a partner while holding hands. Tactile sensory integration activities include tickles, materials and sensory bins. Sensory bins are containers filled with beans, pasta, smooth stones or anything that has an interesting and textures. The auditory system can be addressed as the individual moves his hands through the bin making interesting sounds. Deep pressure is a valuable approach to dealing with common proprioceptive needs. Deep pressure involves burrowing into pillows or hugging a large stuffed animal. The individual can roll on the floor or be wrapped in a blanket. These activities are helpful in calming behavior in many cases.



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