Benefits of Technology in Autism

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What are the benefits of using technology in the treament of autism?

Benefits of Technology in Autism

Technological devices have proved to be very motivating for individuals who have autism and related pervasive developmental disorders. Many autistic children like to interact with computers and electronic games and these instruments can help them stay on task for longer periods of time. The motivated individual is commonly more receptive to learning. Using pictures, gestures and other technology is useful in encouraging the autistic child to enjoy his learning environment. Most technological interventions, whether low, mid or high-tech are visual in nature. Many autistic children think in pictures rather than in words so using images is a great way to facilitate communication. Technology can be used to teach cause and effect. For example, the child turns the crank on a jack-in-the-box and the toy jumps out at a certain point in the action. The child hands a picture of an apple to his mother and she gives him an apple in return. Individuals who have autism also benefit from using the fine motor skills necessary to manipulate the devices. Fine motor coordination is a major stumbling block for some cases of autism. Technological devices can be used to help an autistic individual type rather than write the words he wants to use.



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