Implementing Technology

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How is technology used in the treatment of autism?

Implementing Technology

As a general rule, technology in the treatment of autism should always begin with the simplest approach. Low technology is the best starting point because it is the least intrusive and most connected to real-life experience. Technology in its most fundamental forms includes verbal, visual and physical prompts that serve as a type of behavioral guide for the subject. Any time a teacher or parent asks a child to sit while gesturing toward a chair he is using low technology. Physical prompts like leading the child to his seat by hand is low technology as well. The introduction of simple electronic devices can be used in some cases to facilitate communication and motivated the child in mid technology and more complex devices can be introduced in high technology. The approaches used to introduce these instruments in the treatment of autism are systematic and deliberate in nature. It is important that the child is developmentally ready for the process when using the mid and high technological devices. Otherwise, the child may use the device as a source of empty entertainment rather than as a learning tool.



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