Basic Tips for Teachers

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Are there basic tips for teachers who have autisitic students in their classrooms?

Basic Tips for Teachers

One of the most important tips for teachers who have autistic students in their classrooms is to remember that each child is different. Taking time to find out what motivates and interests the student with autism will help the teacher create activities that are motivating and fun for the child.

  • Build on the autistic student's strengths. The child will fair better if he experiences success and he will learn better if he uses his previously mastered skills.

  • Avoid figurative language. If a teacher is in the habit of using the phrase, "Eyes on me" while instructing a class the student may become distressed simply because he is unable to literally put his eyes on the teacher.

  • Use visual, verbal and physical prompts to help the student make transitions and stay on task. a simple gesture like putting a pencil in front of the student's hand speaks volumes to him.

  • Stick to a schedule. Children who have autism thrive in structured environments.

  • Keep parents involved. The lines of communication should be open with parents of autistic children. Many teachers communicate through a journal that is sent home with the child on a weekly or daily basis.



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