Different Educational Settings for Autistic Students

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What different educational settings are available for autisitc children?

Different Educational Settings for Autistic Students

Today, many children with autism and related pervasive developmental disorders are mainstreamed into the regular classroom. Most autistic children thrive in a structured environment and many parents find that their children fair better behaviorally in school than they do in the home and in the community. The highly structured classroom is ideal for many children with autism. However, other autistic children require additional support. Autism learning support classrooms are helpful in providing one-on-one attention that many autistic children need in an educational setting. Many school districts are adopting autism learning support classrooms for the benefit of this population. The student may spend the entire day in the autism support class or he may spend part of the day in the normal classroom setting and the rest of the time in the autism learning support educational setting. Profoundly autistic children as well as children with a dual diagnosis of mental retardation will need an entirely different educational setting. The ideal educational setting for these individuals is staffed with professionals who work solely within the field of educating autistic and mentally retarded children. Some families choose to home school their autistic children. With effort and dedication, parents and professionals can create an educational setting in the home.



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