Sign Language

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How can sign language help in the community setting?

Sign Language

Sign language is a valuable tool in the community setting. This form of communication is visual in nature and the child can attend to the signs easier than most spoken words. Facilitating communication through sign language can help to ease stress and frustration in these unfamiliar surroundings. The individual with autism benefits from seeing familiar signs that help him navigate through stressful situations. The ability to make a connection with all of the distractions present in the community setting is very valuable. A parent or therapist does not have to be fluent in sign language to effectively communicate using this system. The individual with autism is usually taught a lot of useful signs that are helpful and knowing these key signs will help facilitate communication. Sign language is also unobtrusive. It requires no pictures so there is no fumbling around for icons. If the individual with autism is familiar enough with the sign language he will attend to them. Common signs that are used in the community include: Stop Wait Help All Done More Potty Eat Many of these signs are commonly used in the home, school and therapy settings. Integrating them into the community setting will provide a great means of communication and it will help make the surroundings less intimidating by introducing familiar elements.



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