Special Needs Trust for Autism

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What is the Special Needs Trust for Autism

Special Needs Trust for Autism

The Special Needs Trust for Autism recognizes that government benefit programs do not adequately support the needs of individuals with autism. Parents can save money for their children who have pervasive developmental disorders but in order to make sure that the money actually reaches the individuals is to set up a Special Needs Trust for Autism. This trust assures that the individuals with autism receive their funds and it also assures that they can still receive public assistance as well. The Special Needs Trust for Autism is managed by an advocate assigned by the family. It is crucial that parents consult with a professional financial planner and an attorney when setting up a Special Needs Trust for Autism.



7/4/2011 6:17:40 PM
Cheryl Smith said:

I set up a Special Needs Trust for my disabled niece in 2002 and it is the biggest mistake I ever made. Government benefit programs do support all the disabled persons needs. The bank, the trustee(bank), lawyers, auditors, appraisers, and stock brokers are the ones who benefit from a SNT. They can charge the trust and beneficiary whatever they want. The administration of the trust has cost much more than my niece has received. Once in the trust, I lost complete control, and have to have a hearing with a judge who has to approve everything. I have tried to get them to spend less but am ignored. At the rate they are going, they will spend all her money well before she passes away. Give that money to a family member that will spend it on them. A SNT has made it very difficult to get government help for my neice.


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