Signs of Autism

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What are common signs of autism?

Signs of Autism

The symptoms of autism fall within three main categories: social interaction, communication and behavior. Parents of children with autistic disorder often notice that the children do not respond to their names. They do not gesture and they do not point to objects. Most of the children within the autism spectrum of disorders also engaged in repetitive movements like hand flapping or spinning. Common signs of autism in the social interaction realm include: • Lack of eye contact • Does not notice other people • Does not respond to his name • Lacks empathy • Unrealistic fears • Difficulty making transitions • Unable to take another person's perspective Common signs of autism in the communication realm include: • Does not point to objects • Does not use gestures • Uses few words or no words at all • Does not respond to other people's words and gestures • Unable to process nonverbal cues like facial expressions and body language Common signs of autism in the behavioral realm include: • Repetitive stereotyped movements (hand-flapping, spinning, rocking…) • Obsessive need for order and routine • Has tantrums • Unusual reactions to pain, either unresponsive or over reacting • Perseverates on words, phrases and activities • Preoccupation with certain activities



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