Researching Autism on the Internet

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Researching Autism on the Internet

Your child's doctor may be one of the first sources of information regarding autism, but the Internet can also also provide a wealth of information. While, it is not a replacement for proper medical care, it can provide preliminary information such as symptoms to look for and treatment options. The key to researching autism on the Internet is to choose organizations with credible reputations to ensure the information you obtain is current and reliable. The Autism Society of America and National Institute of Health are two such websites with which to begin your internet crusade. As you learn more about autism, you may find yourself intrigued by personal web pages which provide information on specific individuals with autism. These may provide you with hope and inspiration but please proceed with caution. Treatments which may have worked for one person are not guarranteed to work for all. Likewise, the internet is also used by persons who wish to cash in on the vulnerabiltiy of caregivers and parents new to autism. Always confirm any potential treatment options with a physician who specializes in autism.



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